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Copyright: vepar5 - Fotolia.

This wee story was printed in the Norwegian newspaper Moss Avis 13 July 1895. Neither the great Atlantic ocean nor time or social conventions could separate what was meant to be.

«In 1868, a 22-year-old boy from a small cotter’s holding under a farm in Romerike, Norway, emigrated to America.

The main reason for the boy leaving was that he was in a loving relationship with the farmer’s daughter – a girl the same age as he. Sadly, the girl’s father would not accept this socially unacceptable liaison.

No one seems to have heard much from him until very recently when he unexpectedly returned back home to Norway for a short visit.

He has done well for himself in America and is now a prosperous property owner. Upon his return he was still unmarried – and he likewise found his beloved still unmarried.

The two lovers – now not so young anymore – are today joined in holy matrimony and will travel to America in a few days – to live together as man and wife in the man’s second homeland.»

Main source: Moss Avis, 13 Juli 1895.

Main photo: vepar5 – fotolia.