7Are we certain about the dog being man’s best friend?

Photo: Finnmark fylkesbibliotek – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.13004-004 – public domain.

This beautiful 1940s photo shows the close connection between two Norwegian Fjord horses and Alf Larsen – son of Sara and Lars A. Larsen. The location is one of the slate quarries in Friarfjord, Lebesby, Finnmark, Norway.

6The bliss of Norwegian mountain pasture

Photo: Paul A. Røstad – digitaltmuseum.no DEX_PR_000749 – CC BY-SA.

A Norwegian Fjord horse and a young cow on summer pasture. The location is Jotunheimen and the year is 1968.

Historically, the Norwegians sent most of their livestock to the mountains or forests during the summer months. There, the animals fed on everything that Mother Nature had to offer. The first proper summer pasture animal-headcount took place in 1907. Here is an overview of the results:

  • Summer dairy locations in use: 44 239
  • Horses: 17 050
  • Dairy cows: 186 987
  • Bulls: 8 358
  • Young cattle: 79 562
  • Sheep: 367 805
  • Goats: 142 319
  • Pigs: 6 172

In 1907, the human population was 2.3 million – and 60% of the people lived in rural areas.

5The working day is over. Norwegian Dole horse. Lyngdal parsonage in 1929. Lyngdal, Agder, Norway

The working day is over. Norwegian Dole horse. Lyngdal parsonage in 1929. Lyngdal, Agder, Norway. Hand-coloured photo. | Photo: Anders Beer Wilse – digitaltmuseum.no DEX_W_00453 – CC BY.

4Enjoying the wonders of summer pasture

Norwegian sheep enjoying the wonders of summer pasture. Near Likholefossen, Gaular, Sogn og Fjordane. In the old Norwegian farming society, the sheep’s wool provided clothing for the whole family. | Photo: compuinfoto – adobe stock – copyright.

3Norwegian horses ready for service

The steamer Alden, Loen, Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane. | Photo: Anders Beer Wilse – kulturminnebilder.ra.no T309_01_0034 – Public domain.

2The beautiful Norwegian Fjord horse

Norwegian Fjord horse – mare and foal. Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal. | Photo: googleme – wikimedia – CC BY-SA.

1Resting in the sunshine at Gjendesheim

A Norwegian pig enjoying the sunshine. Gjendesheim, Vågå, Oppland. | Photo: Paul A. Røstad digitaltmuseum – CC BY.